Monday, September 30, 2013


I just want to thank God for:

~Providing through my friends/family for me for the month of September. I moved to DC on the money that I had saved and with a lot of help from my mom in what I bought while she was still here. My goal is $18000 for the year that I am here in DC, which would include special items like plane tickets home as well as monthly bills.
~FOTC. This is my small group called Freshmen of the City. We have been emailing since Tuesday and I am excited to get to know this group of people better. We each have interesting stories and bring a lot to the table. I will forever love Tuesdays because of this group.
~Storyline Church. My church back in Michigan... Denise sent me some pictures of the IMPACT Sunday, where they serve the community instead of having church service. I loved seeing familiar faces but also knowing that the Kingdom is being advanced by my friends and family in Christ.

God is good.

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