Friday, April 25, 2014

Small Groups Revisited

(Photo by Rachel)
L to R: (Front Row) Taylor + Danielle
(Back Row) Becky, Eve, Georgiana, Sam, Denise, Joel, Rachel, Me

In a previous post, I mentioned the two small groups I joined this semester. I decided to stop going to Theology 101 because I was just overwhelmed with the reading and stressed out about it all the time. It was a good group with thought-provoking discussions, but at a staff meeting we were encouraged to take a look at our lives and cut out things that make us too busy for our relationships with God + people.

Storyline, on the other hand, has been so much needed. I feel like we hit another benchmark this past Monday with our group. I just love hearing their stories, how God is at work in their lives now and how everyone in the group is trying to live a better story. 

There is something beautiful that happens when people are vulnerable with each other. I did not know any of these people very well when I joined the group, yet I have shared with them tough life moments that have shaped who I am.

I feel like it's Life Support Group. Isn't that really what small groups are? Support in life.
I am very thankful for this group.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baptisms in Pictures

(Photo Credit: Adam Mason)

This is what it's all about.
What makes what I am doing in DC important.
I am a part of a church in a powerful city trying to make an impact on the people God has put in our path.
I love this city.
I love what God is doing here.
I LOVE that I get to be a part of it!

Praise GOD!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That's What It's All About!

No, I'm not talking about the hokey pokey!

This weekend was crazy awesome!

We had a Good Friday service in the Lincoln Theatre in DC. This theatre is historic -- where Ella, Duke, and so many others performed -- and it's where I go to church every Sunday! So cool.

On Saturday we had a community festival at Lincoln Park (why yes, we name things after presidents and you can tell who is popular -- ha.). We had over 2,000 people come out for the event -- so cool to see families together enjoying this FREE event with games, snacks, and a photo booth (where I was -- crazy how many volunteers are needed to keep people in line, let them know the pictures will be on facebook and help the characters in costume take breaks).

Saturday night, though, THAT is what I'm talking about!

37 people made the decision to get baptized. 37! One of those 37 was Kate. She is one of our kids' music artists. She found out about NCC through Ebenezers Coffeehouse. She's been attending one of our locations and joined an Alpha group this past semester. She got baptized on Saturday! I am so proud of her and her decision.

Little by little, we are seeing little moments of celebration. It doesn't happen every day, but this is HUGE! This is a cause for REJOICING IN HEAVEN!

Thank You, Jesus, for pursuing Kate. Cannot wait to see what you are going to do through her story.

(Might post pictures later -- our Internet is being wonky right now and I cannot find them online. No delay for celebrating this moment, though!).

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Remember that time I got hit by a truck?

Well, I now have a story to go along with that question...

I have been cleaning our church office buildings while we were looking for new cleaners to hire... earning a little extra money.

This morning I was making my way to our Barracks Row location to clean before services tonight. I rode my bike and because of my Pennsylvania Avenue scare last week, I checked out bike routes and found one that works well. Pretty straight shot. I was stopped at a red light when it turned green. I started pedaling, but before I knew it, the guy in the truck from the opposite direction ran into me because he was turning left and I was still going straight.

All I remember saying is "HEY" in a this-isn't-fair tone.

Because it was right after a red light, he didn't hit me hard; it was just shocking. He said he didn't see me because of the sun. I fell on my hands and scraped my knee pretty good. I met some very nice police officers. There were tons of witnesses because a metro bus was stopped right in front of us. A man from Columbus who was here in DC on vacation came over to see how I was since he had witnessed it all from the sidewalk. One of our regular homeless friends asked how I was since he was there to witness the whole thing, too.

I am fine. A friend helped me walk home with my bike today. Taking it easy this afternoon and watching the latest Parenthood episode.

Might go to church later for the fact that one of our campus pastors used to be in sports medicine and it'd be good to get an opinion if I need to get things look at in the hospital.

All that to say, God is good. I am happy to be alive. Thank God I shaved my legs! hahaha...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Variety of relationships

A few weeks ago I was walking down the street thinking about life.

That day, I saw a senator, three middle school girls singing along to music on an ipod while bouncing a basketball, and I met some of the guys who work at the Italian restaurant across the street from Ebenezers.

That sums up DC city life. The fact that I can come into contact with so many different people all in the same day.

Two weekends ago, I met with a guy in my small group who does life coaching. It was a very interesting conversation and I'm still processing what that means. We're meeting sometime this weekend to continue the process. It's just great to get a little insight into what God is doing. Two of my passions are middle schoolers and Italians. Amazing that just a few days before meeting with him, I saw those middle school girls and met the guys at the Italian restaurant. So cool.

I am beginning to see little "wins" with people here. It's been eight months since I started here. My weekly rental has been good. I am a consistent presence and I'm beginning to recognize regulars there.

We have a musician who got accepted to film school in Boston. I saw him recently and it sounds like things are great.

Prayer requests:

  • Funding for Northern Ireland trip in June.
  • I'm recruiting people for our street team to help with hosting + promoting concerts.
  • Lent season. NCC is doing the New Testament in 40 days. It has been challenging but also so refreshing! I'm so looking forward to Easter, though!
  • Job search. We met today with the HR Director about refreshing our resumes. I am going to send my resume out to anywhere and everywhere. I'm also trying to enjoy what is in front of me now without worrying too much about the future.
How can I pray for you? Shoot me an email or Facebook message! I'd love to hear from you!