Tuesday, September 17, 2013

busy weekend

This weekend we had Alpha training. It was at a retreat center in Virginia. It was beautiful. We had a bonfire and could see the stars. It was just a great weekend to meet with the other leaders and learn more about what Alpha is.

For those who do not know, Alpha is a group that meets for dinner and then has a short talk and discussion. It is on the basics of the Christian faith, but it is not just for new Christians. It is for people who are new to the Church, people who have doubts, or just anyone interested in discussion. I am really excited for this part of our time here. I had heard about Alpha and feel that it will be a great learning experience helping lead a group.

Sunday we went to the following locations: Barracks Row, Ballston, and Gala. We successfully used the metro (although last weekend I used it to visit my good friend, Emily).

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to babysit for a family with two boys (1st and 4th grade). It was so great to meet a family from NCC and hear their story. Their boys are so sweet and fun. The 1st grader would sing some really cool songs that I had never heard before, which was fun! Looking forward to getting to know them better.

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