Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16

Yesterday started out like any other day.

I was walking to work and as I was passing a park, I noticed a policeman on his motorcycle turn on his lights and speed away. Not an uncommon sight here.

I passed by a lady feeding her goldfish outside (one of the blessings on my walk to work is seeing this pond in her front yard).

As I continued walking, I realized the sirens were nonstop. For TWENTY MINUTES.

When I got into my office and locked myself in (most people have Mondays as their day off), I was shocked to hear what had happened at Navy Yard. We were told to "shelter in place". Because I was already safely in my office at the beginning of the workday, I just hunkered down while watching live feed with my boss throughout the day on our computers. It was sobering. Please be in prayer for the victims' families. It is so tough to think how one day can change your life. Thirteen people were not able to go home to their families.

DC needs the Good News and hope found in Jesus. I know that I am where I need to be. Please be praying that I can shine light the city so they can find their way to Jesus.

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  1. That is so scary and I'm so glad you're safe! I'll be in prayer for all of the families involved.