Monday, September 9, 2013

First Office Day

Today I spent some time in the office with my boss, Juliet. She is awesome and I am so excited to learn more from her. She served a couple years with YWAM in Greece, Australia, and New Zealand.

The thing that excites me the most about what I am doing in DC at NCC is that it is marketplace ministry. Providing artists a place in DC to perform but also have a great experience themselves. My favorite retail job was at GFS, which felt like a family (shout out to all the awesome GFS people!) and really allowed me to see and appreciate small business owners. I love networking and that was a really great experience for that.

I have visited two of the six campuses. I went to Barrack's Row Saturday night and Kingstowne on Sunday morning. We visited Firehouse Subs right next door -- so good!

Last night I was undecided if I wanted to go to their Launch Meeting for Lincoln Theatre. I am so glad I went! It is a beautiful space with a great history. Dave led the meeting and was great at transferring ownership to others. Leaders recruited for their ministries. It was an awesome time to see how God has gifted people.

It is an exciting time to become a part of what God is doing at NCC. But the great thing about this Church is that they have a Kingdom mindset.

Side note...
ikea furniture is great... until you have to put it together. ha. Allie and I assembled our bed yesterday. Feeling accomplished (picture is of bed in process):

Got to visit my good friend, Emily. We haven't lived in the same city since high school, so it's nice to be within a reasonable distance from her again! This is a great view from her building.

Tonight on my walk to dinner at Union Pub, I noticed these beautiful purple flowers. If you know me at all, you know my favorite color is purple. What you may not know is that purple flowers are my reminder that God is good, faithful, and that He loves me.

Psalm 145.10: All of your works will thank you, Lord, and your faithful flowers will praise you.

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  1. You are taking great pics. glad to hear you are getting on board with this church. sounds really exciting, kel