Saturday, September 7, 2013

Staff Lunch

I forgot to mention in day one that they had a staff lunch for us at Ebenezer's. It was downstairs in the performance space and really felt like getting off a bus at Young Life camp. Music pumping, people clapping and smiling... Lots of different faces greeting you. A little overwhelming. We had District Taco and were seated around tables. I met Jennifer, Mark's assistant. She was really nice and guided me over to a table to sit with Mark and Lora. I also met Dave.

It is so clear that this church cares for the poor and missions.

I am so excited to see all that God has planned for me this year.

Our protege class is the 6th class they have had at NCC. Next Tuesday when we are all together again, I will try to get a group picture. I am blessed to serve alongside six other amazing people from across the country.

I am feeling so incredibly blessed and I would not be able to be here without the love and support of my community of friends and family. Thank you for your financial support and prayer support. It means so much to me.

Did you know...
~Capitol Hill was built on a swamp? I learned this yesterday when one of the staff members was telling a story of how she fell into a hole in the sidewalk... and it's also clear by the mosquito invasion. 
~Albert Einstein was in the 20th season of Seseme Street? Apparently this dude was in Sesame Street's opening scene. I found this out in our photo scavenger hunt around the National Mall.
~NCC plans to take 28 short term mission trips next year? I hope to go on one of them. My boss Juliet is going to Berlin in a couple of weeks to work on finishing touches for the coffeehouse NCC is opening there. So pumped that NCC has a Kingdom mindset.

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