Friday, April 25, 2014

Small Groups Revisited

(Photo by Rachel)
L to R: (Front Row) Taylor + Danielle
(Back Row) Becky, Eve, Georgiana, Sam, Denise, Joel, Rachel, Me

In a previous post, I mentioned the two small groups I joined this semester. I decided to stop going to Theology 101 because I was just overwhelmed with the reading and stressed out about it all the time. It was a good group with thought-provoking discussions, but at a staff meeting we were encouraged to take a look at our lives and cut out things that make us too busy for our relationships with God + people.

Storyline, on the other hand, has been so much needed. I feel like we hit another benchmark this past Monday with our group. I just love hearing their stories, how God is at work in their lives now and how everyone in the group is trying to live a better story. 

There is something beautiful that happens when people are vulnerable with each other. I did not know any of these people very well when I joined the group, yet I have shared with them tough life moments that have shaped who I am.

I feel like it's Life Support Group. Isn't that really what small groups are? Support in life.
I am very thankful for this group.

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