Sunday, May 11, 2014

Brief Update

I continue to build relationships with musicians in the area. It's amazing what months of conversation can do. Small successes + conversations = big successes.

We had some out of town musicians come recently.

If you have a chance to see The Gray Havens, I highly recommend them! They're based in Chicago, so it should be doable for most of my friends/family in MI. I told them to contact Storyline Church, so if you connect with them, that'd be awesome! They are a husband and wife duo, and I feel like they fit SL culture.

Brad Cole was another person who came from Chicago area and he'll be in South Haven in June if you want to see him!

My weekly rental continues to be a highlight of my week. I love being a consistent presence and I'm starting to know some of the regular attenders and our caterers. One of my favorite caterers, Will, recently hurt his back. Please pray for him.

I begin PT in June for my knee. Looking forward to being done with all this medical stuff.

I went to the European Union Embassy Open House this weekend. I just uploaded a bunch of pics to Facebook. I had REAL Italian pizza + that made me really happy! I loved meeting new people + actually recognizing a few people along the way (an NCC co-worker and one of my small group leaders from the fall)! This is Gail, a girl at the British Embassy, who was really nice. She was promoting Wales + gave me a mini rugby ball for answering trivia questions. Wales has always been on my bucket list. Although she's actually from Bristol, Gail has spent time in Wales.

Life is good. Continuing the good work in DC and trying to remember to appreciate every moment.

I don't say it enough, but THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT THIS YEAR! I cannot be here without YOU!

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