Saturday, April 12, 2014

Remember that time I got hit by a truck?

Well, I now have a story to go along with that question...

I have been cleaning our church office buildings while we were looking for new cleaners to hire... earning a little extra money.

This morning I was making my way to our Barracks Row location to clean before services tonight. I rode my bike and because of my Pennsylvania Avenue scare last week, I checked out bike routes and found one that works well. Pretty straight shot. I was stopped at a red light when it turned green. I started pedaling, but before I knew it, the guy in the truck from the opposite direction ran into me because he was turning left and I was still going straight.

All I remember saying is "HEY" in a this-isn't-fair tone.

Because it was right after a red light, he didn't hit me hard; it was just shocking. He said he didn't see me because of the sun. I fell on my hands and scraped my knee pretty good. I met some very nice police officers. There were tons of witnesses because a metro bus was stopped right in front of us. A man from Columbus who was here in DC on vacation came over to see how I was since he had witnessed it all from the sidewalk. One of our regular homeless friends asked how I was since he was there to witness the whole thing, too.

I am fine. A friend helped me walk home with my bike today. Taking it easy this afternoon and watching the latest Parenthood episode.

Might go to church later for the fact that one of our campus pastors used to be in sports medicine and it'd be good to get an opinion if I need to get things look at in the hospital.

All that to say, God is good. I am happy to be alive. Thank God I shaved my legs! hahaha...

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