Wednesday, April 23, 2014

That's What It's All About!

No, I'm not talking about the hokey pokey!

This weekend was crazy awesome!

We had a Good Friday service in the Lincoln Theatre in DC. This theatre is historic -- where Ella, Duke, and so many others performed -- and it's where I go to church every Sunday! So cool.

On Saturday we had a community festival at Lincoln Park (why yes, we name things after presidents and you can tell who is popular -- ha.). We had over 2,000 people come out for the event -- so cool to see families together enjoying this FREE event with games, snacks, and a photo booth (where I was -- crazy how many volunteers are needed to keep people in line, let them know the pictures will be on facebook and help the characters in costume take breaks).

Saturday night, though, THAT is what I'm talking about!

37 people made the decision to get baptized. 37! One of those 37 was Kate. She is one of our kids' music artists. She found out about NCC through Ebenezers Coffeehouse. She's been attending one of our locations and joined an Alpha group this past semester. She got baptized on Saturday! I am so proud of her and her decision.

Little by little, we are seeing little moments of celebration. It doesn't happen every day, but this is HUGE! This is a cause for REJOICING IN HEAVEN!

Thank You, Jesus, for pursuing Kate. Cannot wait to see what you are going to do through her story.

(Might post pictures later -- our Internet is being wonky right now and I cannot find them online. No delay for celebrating this moment, though!).

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