Friday, November 29, 2013

Shoutout to NCC Worship Team

All pictures are on the NCC website. I did not take any of these pictures.

I don't think the term "worship" is meant to be solely musical, but that is how most people understand the term. I have had the privilege to work alongside these amazing people from the worship ministry. They are hilarious and passionate about Jesus and music. They have 80+ volunteers working with them to create intimate experiences with Jesus at our six (soon to be seven) campus locations.

Kurtis -- Worship Director

Joel -- Worship Leader

Chris -- Worship Leader

Diana -- Music & Arts Coordinator (this girl attempts to keep them all organized -- major props!)

Ben -- Worship Protege

Carolina -- Worship Protege

Now that Thanksgiving is done, most people will recognize it is time for some good Christmas music! 714 Music (basically the people pictured above) recently put out a Christmas cd -- full of great music! Near or far, you should get it! It is now available on iTunes. In DC, it's available at NCC locations on the weekends or any day of the week at Ebenezers. It's just $10! Physical copies include an advent calendar and DVD of music videos!

Check out O Come All Ye Faithful below:

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