Saturday, November 23, 2013

Shoutout to NCC Media Team

All pictures are on the NCC website. I did not take any of these pictures.

A few years ago, I went to Granger Community Church for the first time. I loved it. There's just something about the culture they created in their church that CELEBRATES life. They are unashamed in their love of their church, families, and volunteers. Mark Beeson has a great blog and often featured ROCK STARS who often work behind the scenes and don't get recognition. If I hadn't lived 45 minutes away from GCC, I would have been there a lot more than once every few weeks for their Saturday service. They have a great staff they celebrate.

Likewise, NCC is great at celebrating and allowing people to serve within their gifting.
The following men have been amazing to work with and put in a lot of hours to make services happen each weekend, as well as the amazing media that is shown.

Matt -- Technology Director

Jason -- Production Coordinator

Adam -- Media Producer

Andy -- Visual Storyteller (yes, apparently this is an actual job title!)

Mike -- Technology Manager/Sound Engineer

Want to see some of the stuff this team does? Check out their vimeo channel!

Way to go, media team! You rock!

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