Monday, November 25, 2013

Friends in DC

A large part of the reason I love DC is the community I have found here.

Two people that stand out to me are Laura and Valerie. I met both of these girls through our small group that meets on Tuesday nights called Freshmen of the City. It's a group dedicated to helping people find their way in the city but also how to intersect faith and work, seeing work as mission.

This is a picture of us in front of the White House...

Laura is my opposite in almost every way, which makes for a great friendship. She's outgoing and extroverted, always planning dinner parties and get togethers for our group and her roommates/friends. About a month into our friendship we had a great deep conversation about life, and we both realized this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. We are both 29 and understand each other a lot better than our younger 20-something friends. Laura works hard on behalf of children in the DC area by working as a social worker for the Child and Family Service Agency. Laura actually invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her family, so don't worry -- I won't be alone during the holidays!

This was one of her FB pics; I did not take this picture. 

Valerie is so much like me it scares me sometimes! She loves having dates with her couch and Netflix, has a fear of large crowds, and likes saving money through clipping coupons. She also has a blog! She worked on a cruise ship for a few years, exploring different places and living a life of adventure. Now she's testing out her skills at National Geographic Society doing technical production! She told me about the National Christmas tree lighting ceremony lottery (you have to win tickets to actually get in). I won them; she did not. Thus, she will be one of my four friends who get tickets (the others going to Laura, her boyfriend Chris, and my roommate Allie).

I need both kinds of people in my life and these two are just a sample of the treasured relationships I have been forming since arriving in DC!


  1. As I recall, a friend with a similar name also invited you to Thanksgiving! ;)

    I'm glad you are forming strong bonds of friendship. Great for you! Pray that I may do the same. I've been here nearly three years and still don't know anyone but my coworkers and Kyle's family... and my mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law just moved to Ohio this week.

  2. Lonny, you are so right and I really do hope to visit you sometime this year. I just don't have enough money to swing it right now. I do miss you terribly, though! I will definitely pray for you to build friendships. It can be so lonely... and I know that all too well.

  3. Thank you, dear. I miss you, too, but I'm so proud of you!