Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TED Talk: Start with Why

Today I gave my first ever TED talk style presentation.

It is a learning process, and I will have to give two more before the end of my protege year. 

Just thought you'd like to learn something new.
Not sure how well you will hear it; I have my talk in a PDF I can email you if you want it.

Trying to keep you all updated on what I am doing.
This entire experience is helping me grow as a leader, understand myself better, and find my place in the Church. 

Enjoy the video...Hope I didn't butcher the beginning too much. ha.


  1. jenni! jenni! jenni! great job! i can see that you are being stretched! i am thankful for that - you have a lot to offer. *proud *

  2. Jenni ,thanks for sharing and good job!!tvb