Sunday, February 2, 2014

Normal Work Week

You may be wondering: What do I do on an average week? I can't remember if I've shared my normal work week schedule, but it looks something like this:

Monday: Work on updating shows on our websites, send reminder details to baristas and artists about shows that weekend, send follow up thank you emails to artists who played that weekend.
Tuesday: Meetings, Meetings, Meetings (staff meetings, weekly meeting with Juliet, weekly meeting with the other proteges)
Wednesday: Weekly luncheon rental set up and tear down (this is also when I get to master my A/V skills... Paul Rice would be so proud) For those who did not have the privilege of knowing Paul, he was the sound engineer for KCU. I was in Destiny, our school's singing outreach group and he was the sound tech for that. A wonder behind a sound board and hilarious. Was never my professor, but I learned a lot about life and good music from him. Miss him so much!
Thursday - Saturday: concerts
(My normal days off are Saturday and Sunday).

My favorite time is Tuesday morning. We have weekly staff meetings when we share what is going on throughout all seven locations. We get updates from missionaries who are home, wins across all ministries, and hear from Pastor Mark (or campus pastors) about what they are learning from God. Mark is great at continuing to share the vision of NCC. DREAM BIG. THINK LONG. PRAY HARD. (Yes, all the things Mark tweets, he really does say... a lot... sometimes I wish I had a voice recorder to just hit every time he talks because there's always something great...)

I have slowly built relationships with people throughout the weeks I have been here. I am recognizing artists as they come back to play at Ebenezers. Like I said in my last post, we are hosting a concert with nine artists in one night each month. If people are not playing, they usually come out to support the other artists. So cool to see how the small things add up to the big things.

This is unlike any other ministry job I have had. I love that I am allowed the freedom to engage in conversations with people and be part of the real world, if that makes sense. Too often church leaders do not know people who do not know Christ. I love what I get to do in showing people simple ways that God loves them... even if it is by just having water available to artists who come to play at Ebz. Simple hospitality goes a long way.

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