Friday, February 28, 2014


This summer, I am going to NORTHERN IRELAND!

Ok, there you have it.
No it's not a job offer.
Yes, it requires MORE fundraising.
But I am so excited and I know God will provide.

You can read more about the trip at NCC's mission site, Aone:eight. This ties in well with what I am gaining from my experiences as a protege. We will be helping a church put on a week long festival in the City of Derry. It will include concerts, which makes me really excited. This trip is also the encouraged youth trip, so I might get to work alongside middle school and high school students as well. There are other teams coming from other churches.

I am hoping my NCC network will be able to provide most of it, but I wanted to offer you the opportunity to be a shareholder in this part of my protege journey.

We are doing fundraisers locally as a mission team.
The total cost is $2400. I'm hoping to raise $24 a day for 100 days.

If I raise more than $2400, it goes into the general mission fund.
That being said, I could also use support in my personal support raising.

For the past six months, support has averaged to around $1000 each month, but they are not at all consistent. This month, I received less than $500 (my half of the rent is $600), which is what I get on a consistent basis. People who give one time gifts offset that cost. God is faithful to provide (even when I struggle to see how it will happen). Please consider giving, whether it is a one time gift or monthly giving for the next six months!


  1. OK Northern Ireland, but must you go that far when we are closer than that hehe

  2. Kel, Wish I could make it to Detroit soon. I have no idea when that could happen, though! :/ Miss you all!