Friday, January 17, 2014

Year of God's Favor

This month has already shown that this is going to be a year of God's favor.

We kicked off 2014 at Ebenezers with a South African artist named Zarni, who was fantastic! I only saw a little bit of her show on the main level of the coffeehouse, but she was really great!

On January 3rd we hosted The 9 Songwriter Series at Ebenezers. It is so great to have nine artists play at an almost sold out show! We will be hosting them monthly now and I am pumped for this!

At my weekly business luncheon rental that I staff, I was asked about Ebenezers as a church meeting place (NCC used to use Ebenezers as one of their locations. It has been two years since they had services there, but obviously the man remembers that). The man who asked me was not a Christian, but I am thankful for his boldness in asking and the fact that he is curious. I continue to build relationships with him, the guy in charge (who currently has pneumonia -- please pray for him!), and the caterer, Will.

We had four violinists from the NSO (National Symphony Orchestra) come to Ebenezers for a kids' show! It was free and the place was packed! So cool that our vision of ministry and marketplace colliding continues to be a reality. Good music + tons of new people in the place!

The mission team leaders went before the zoning board to get approval on our next steps for the DC Dreamcenter (DC/DC). It was approved! The DC/DC will be a place that meets physical and spiritual needs of the people of DC. It is inspired by the Dreamcenter in L.A.

God is doing a great work in DC! 2014 is going to be the best year yet!

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