Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Justice Conference

This weekend I volunteered to work the Justice Conference at Ebenezers. I was there to troubleshoot if we had any sound/lighting difficulties (imagine me, technologically-impaired, running sound/lights!). God works daily miracles. ha.

Speaking of miracles, I witnessed one this weekend. Our Internet at the coffeehouse was slow and not working correctly Friday night, the start of the conference. We were live streaming the conference on our screens, so Internet was vital. Our production guys were working right up until people came. The Internet worked and I am claiming that miracle! Thank you, Jesus!

So much good content at The Justice Conference. A lot of the speakers were from DC.

My favorite speaker was talking about justice in the education system. Her name was Nicole Fulgham, a Michigan native living in DC (she went to UofM -- GO BLUE!). She spoke about The Expectations Project. She taught in Compton and talked about the difference in education for her students compared to those in Beverly Hills. It's a matter of awareness, funding, parent involvement, community involvement, and just an overall interest in setting kids up for success.

Great weekend. Long day but soooooooooo good.

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