Monday, October 14, 2013


Catalyst was overwhelming to me in a lot of ways. The music, lights, and sounds, plus tons of people... So many well-known speakers.

Surprisingly my favorite person was Angela Ahrendts, the CEO of Burberry. I dress for comfort, not so much for fashion (most of my cool clothes come from my fashionista mother's taste -- ha). Whether it was an actual pause or pre-planned, Angela paused before answering most questions. I liked it because she was not afraid to be different. She's a girl from Indiana who happens to be making history in the fashion world. She's a powerful woman in business and I liked her story. As a child, she was a loner, a dreamer, and loved to listen.

She talked about having a clear simple vision and to over communicate with people so there is no fear of where things are going.

"I have chosen to remember where I came from."

"It's crazy to me to think people wouldn't be authentic."

I was able to see Priscilla Shirer live. I did a Bible study earlier this year that included video from her. She's a gifted speaker of truth.

I have yet to jump in on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon. My dad bought me their book last year for Christmas. Uncle Si was at Catalyst.

"The networks try to figure out why Duck Dynasty is so successful. They leave out the God factor."

"If hunting was only about pulling a trigger, I wouldn't get out of bed. It's a time to be with my Creator. I've got orders from HQs to kill it and grill it."

He also explained how his infamous cup was a gift from his mom while he was over in Vietnam. That cup is not for sale... and he drinks unsweetened tea in it.

So grateful to have experienced Catalyst this year.


  1. I'm not yet on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon either. After hearing one of the stars speak, did you feel as if you were missing out? I really don't know a thing about the show, to tell the truth. It sounds like the event was pretty great, though. I'm glad God put you where you are right now!

  2. After reading the first chapter of the book I got for Christmas, I was interested in it. I just find it amazing that America is drawn to this family. They just seem so real and genuine (the impression I got when seeing him live, too).

    Thanks -- I am exactly where I need to be. AND it's closer to you on the east coast!

  3. i've always wanted to go to Catalyst...sounds like an amazing time of truth planting and renewal. and what??? you are not on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon? love me some Uncle Si! :)