Saturday, March 22, 2014


A word that brings comfort to so many people...
and yet I have not felt like I have had a home since high school.

Because of the journey I am on and the places I have lived, it is hard to feel like I belong anywhere. Eventually I hope to put down roots somewhere. I am thankful for my experiences in different places, but HOME is a tough word for me.

Since my parents divorced when I was an adult, it makes it even harder because my nuclear family unit is separated. While each of them have a house, I'm not sure I will ever truly feel at home in either place. (I have a great relationship with both my parents + stepparents... there's just something about feeling like you truly belong somewhere that I am in desperate need to experience as I try to create my own home somewhere).

As my own family unit of one now, I am on a search for a place to belong.
It could be DC.
It could be somewhere else.

As I am reading the #LentChallenge through the NT, I read John 10-14. The verse that stuck out was John 14.23: Jesus replied, "All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our HOME with each of them."

As my roommate can tell you, I tend to have a little bit of clutter. I have piles all over my apartment. Organized piles, but piles nonetheless. The same thing happens to my heart. Unnecessary stuff takes up space that doesn't need to be there... It reminded me of a song from high school:

My prayer for Lent is that God will take over and make things clean in my heart. I tend to deal with heart issues a lot more than visible sins.

HOME: A place of comfort where people can be real.

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