Saturday, July 19, 2014

June + July

My protege year is quickly coming to a close.

I am job hunting now. Hoping to find something with middle school kids (whether that ends up being working a normal job + mentoring of some sort outside of work or if it means getting a paycheck while working with middle school kids, I'm not sure right now). I am applying to everything under the sun that interests me -- working in schools, coffeehouses with event planning, and student ministry positions.

I'm not set on living in DC. I plan to live here until God makes it clear that it is time to move.

Part of the beauty of my mission trip to Northern Ireland was that it was basically serving a week long VBS with kids. I LOVED IT! It was tiresome + required a lot of (dancing) energy, but it was so great to come to church the second Sunday we were there and be able to hang out with my four year old friend, Tilly, for half an hour while everyone ate lunch/shopped. There's something so sweet about that age.

So much excitement! 

I would appreciate your prayers as I navigate what to do next. Still blown away that my year with NCC is almost done. I met with the girl who is the next events protege and she had similar questions to where I was a year ago: Where will I live? How will this fundraising thing work out? What exactly do you do as the events protege?

God is good. He is faithful.

Thank you for supporting me on this crazy adventure in the Nation's Capitol. I cannot be here without you.

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