Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Short Update

Just wanted to touch base about DC. I move in exactly two weeks! It's kind of unreal, but typical of how God works in my life. He doesn't usually leave me much time to freak out about things... He moves swiftly, which I think is a good thing given my personality of obsessing over things.

Housing is still to be determined. I have applied for a basement one bedroom apartment with Allie, another girl in the protege program. Hoping to hear back by Thursday if we have gotten it.

If you are considering sponsoring me financially but have not let me know, I would love to hear from you by September 1st. I move on September 3rd and will not receive anything from NCC until the third Friday of every month (the first round of donations being distributed on September 20th).

How to donate: check out the fundraising post.

"When should we start sending money?"
People can donate now. You have until September 19th in order for me to receive money in the first distribution of the donations sent into NCC. (And in case you're thinking I am going to get rich off this fundraising adventure, they have set a max of $5500/month or $66000/year. If a miracle happens of receiving over $5500 in September, the overflow will transfer over to the next month).

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