Sunday, July 21, 2013

Prayer: Housing

It's hard enough to find a great roommate when you live in the town you are moving to. Trying to figure out housing from afar has been a challenge, as I am not available to check out the places or try to meet people to live with for a year. I have a great friend in VA who looked at one place, but it was rented out to a family.

Please pray for me as I search for affordable housing in DC and that God will put things together as they should be so that things will be enjoyable for the next year. I'm excited about future roommates, so I just ask that you pray for me as I try to figure out that part of my journey.

DC is more expensive than here... A two bedroom place goes for around $2000. If I could get three other girls, it would be the best living situation and affordable.



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  2. I pray for you each day. I'll add this specific request to my prayers.